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If you want to play a few rounds of golf, Penn State golf courses have their fair share of events to enjoy. They also offer a variety of other events, such as golf tournaments, golf clinics and even a golf tournament.

You can also take a guided tour and learn more about the rich culture that contributes to the Palmer Museum exhibitions. We hope you enjoy some of the great things you can do at State College, but let us know if you are not on this list. Hopefully you'll be bored before you head out for your favourite activity in the city, and we hope you enjoy the list of events we're going to.

If you ever have time, go out and support your local Nittany Lions at a sporting event, follow the links below, or attend one of the many events at the State College Convention Center. Our dedicated event planners are at your disposal and look forward to working with you to make your upcoming events a complete success. Event planners are at your disposal to discuss ideas and propose personalized menus that are perfectly tailored to your group.

Take a few minutes to complete the form by clicking on the link below and a reply will be sent to you within one business day. The registration deadline is January 18, with the opportunity to submit your photos and receive your set by February 5.

They help you create colorful, eye-catching artworks by placing 11 to 14 canvas panels on the MMNC Boardwalk. After registration you can pick up 11 - 14 canvases and boards and let your creativity run wild!

If you are a State College native, visit the Arboretum to experience the beauty of all four seasons. This is one of the best places to see and admire how much Penn State has changed since the early 1900s. Book the entire inn for a meeting or event and you will enjoy one of the most memorable outdoor spaces in central Pennsylvania.

Penn State hosts annual events to celebrate the LGBTQ community, and in June 2018, State College began drawing a rainbow pattern for the month. Last fall, on National Coming Out Day, Altoona held its first Pride Parade, and that gave the final push to change that with the county's first Pride Parade and Festival, organized by the Center for LGBTQA Support Network on Saturday, June 13. In the past, State College has declared Pride Month in every district, but never before has a parade or festival been held in State University Park, home to the Penn State Pride Festival.

This event combines creativity and nature and encourages the community to create, participate, join and create with their friends, family and friends of the LGBTQ community and other members of their community.

While planning is ongoing, the organizers of the Pride event look forward to supporting local businesses, nonprofits and community members in the State College area. The festival is scheduled for Saturday, August 26, at Slippery Rock, where a number of businesses and nonprofits will be present to show support and talk about services and resources. They also hope to attract people from outside the State College and surrounding areas to their event to provide a supportive environment for individuals in Centre County. In the past, the youth summit of the support network has attracted students from across the state, as well as places like Sl Slippery Rock and Altoona, London said.

College students and other community members who are broadly looking forward to coming to this great school to enjoy their time here, she said.

The Association of State College and Community Colleges of Pennsylvania (ASCCP) is the only professional association in the country dedicated exclusively to the education and professional development of college students, faculty, staff and students in Pennsylvania. It is dedicated to promoting the academic, professional and social well-being of all students and faculty at universities and colleges in Pennsylvania.

We are a project-oriented organization where members identify issues that affect the relationships between the university, industry and the UIK in order to develop new approaches to cooperation. We welcome new members, faculty, staff, students, alumni and other stakeholders from across the country and beyond.

The inn offers two function rooms, which are available for groups of two to 50 people. The large hall can comfortably accommodate groups of 18 to 54 people, with a variety of room layouts available.

The large hall can comfortably accommodate groups of 18 to 54 people, with a variety of room layouts available. The small hall, which can accommodate a group of two to 50 people in a single or two room, can be divided into two bedrooms, three bedrooms, four bedrooms or five bedrooms.

Although they also make Halloween merchandise, many of the products they sell are exclusive to Party City. They cannot buy any of their products that are sold elsewhere, and all products are tested for quality and safety before they ever reach the shelves. The creamy shop even goes as far as to deliver ice cream to those who order a certain quantity from abroad. They are available throughout Pennsylvania and other states.

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