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The Field was named "Best Burger and Fries in State College" because it has the best burger in the state with house - mixed patties of roast beef, chuck, brisket and short rib pressed into delicious butter rolls. With local ingredients and a strong focus on local ingredients, Field offers a wide range of burgers, from thick, side-dish-laden sausages to cocktails that give old favourites a new twist. Happy Valley Brewing Company is a destination for local beer lovers with more than a dozen craft beers, from brown ales and IPAs to Belgian and white sour. As a cultural destination that does everything we like, it is well deserved and the local restaurant scene is no exception.

Kelly's serves locally roasted coffee and offers a cozy atmosphere that makes it the perfect place for an informal lunch or dinner. Kelly's has pretty much every piece of meat, whether you want a grilled chicken breast, cooked pork ribs, fillet mignon or beef breast, and they offer a wide range of sauces as a complement. You also have a wide selection of local cheeses as well as a variety of wines and spirits, making it one of the best options at State College.

If you want to have breakfast on Sunday mornings and not be in the queue outside the waffle shop, Naked Egg is just the thing for you. Whether you want a perfectly cooked egg (or, as some say, a bare egg), this lovely restaurant is the place to get it.

Served with deliciously fluffy waffles with whipped cream, this iconic Penn State hot spot also offers many other traditional breakfast favorites. Service is quick and friendly, the waffle sweet and fluffy, and the waffle shop is a cultural institution at State College.

Domino's Chef - inspired pizzas offer the most sophisticated flavors and variety to satisfy your taste buds. The menu changes seasonally and often includes a wide selection of toppings such as chicken wings, mac and cheese, burgers and more. They also make some of the best wings and burgers in Central Pennsylvania, so stop by for a quick lunch or dinner at this popular pizza shop in the heart of State College. Enjoy delicious wood - grilled appetizers, while Faccia Luna offers so many options that you would struggle to find - crowded to find other pizzerias in town.

Find Domino's locations at State College, try their baked - in - the - oven pizzas, and you'll see what all the fuss is about. Order your food and sample some of the best pizza in Central Pennsylvania at this popular pizza shop in the heart of State College.

If the State College Food Bank is looking for donations, see the current needs list for more information. Please contact us to learn more about our current needs and our pantry here at the Food Bank.

Years of hard work have helped Domino's masters of the art and science of pizza, as well as the craft of cooking and the art of cooking. If you've been craving a pizza all your life, check out Faccia Luna, whose smoky, wood-fueled creations have been wowing visitors and locals to State College for decades. Wood-fired ovens distinguish them from others and give their crust a smokiness that is not found anywhere else. Sign up for our daily Philly email and be the first to get all the food, drinks and fun in town.

The State College & Co. hotel has been around since 1855, and its fine cuisine is confirmed by the Carnegie Inn & Spa Fine Dining, voted "Best Fine Dining" and "The Most Romantic" by the readers of State College Magazine. One of the best restaurants at State University College, Duffy's Restaurant and Spa in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, is located in a historic building on the corner of Main Street and State Street and has been in business since 1962. While the list is a praise for longtime restaurant owners, it never won it, dating back to 1819, when Duffy opened its doors in Boalburg. Combine that with the quality of food, service, wine list and wine list and you have one of the best restaurants at State College.

The waffle shop has a reputation for being a no-frills, no-nonsense cheese steak joint, so much so that fans are known for lively debates over which location is best. The store is often one of the most popular restaurants in the State College area and is often favored by students, faculty, staff and alumni alike.

Many of the best restaurants at State College are independent and run by independent companies, and of course there are several well-known chain options. There is a great variety, with people coming to Penn State from all over the world, but there are also many local restaurants around State College that are unique in the community and nowhere else to be found.

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