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This is well deserved, as cultural goals and things can be done at will and our local restaurant scene is no exception, but what about the rest of the state?

With more than a dozen craft beers, from brown ales to IPAs to Belgian and white sour, Happy Valley Brewing Company is a destination for local beer lovers. The Field was named the "Best Burger and Fries" at State College, with house-made roast beef, chuck, breast puree and short ribs that are pressed into delicious buttery rolls. With local ingredients and a cosy atmosphere that makes it the perfect place for a casual dinner party, Field offers a variety of burgers, from thick plates overflowing with side dishes to cocktails that give old favourites a new twist. Kelly's serves locally roasted coffee and a wide selection of sauces to complement, as well as a wide selection of sandwiches, salads, sandwiches and salads to choose from.

The spa is also one of the best in the area and offers a variety of wellness services including massages, massage therapy, acupuncture and acupuncture, as well as spa treatments and fitness classes.

State College Magazine named Herwigs Austrian Bistro the best ethnic restaurant in State College for eight years in a row. This excellence in fine dining is confirmed at the Carnegie Inn Spa for Fine Dining, consistently voted "Best in Fine Dining" and "Most Romantic" by its readers and "Most Romantic" by the Pennsylvania Restaurant Association.

One of the best restaurants at State College, Faccia Luna, is a wood-fired pizza service that helps set the restaurant apart from other pizza service stores in the city and gives its crust a smokiness that is not found anywhere else. Stop by and enjoy a delicious entree from the wood grill to offer an experience you would not find in any other pizza service in this city. Combine that with great service, great food, and a great atmosphere, and you have one of the best, if not the best, restaurants at State College.

If you want to have breakfast on Sunday morning and not have to queue in front of the waffle shop, Naked Egg is the place to be. If you just want a perfectly boiled egg or, as you might say, a "bare egg," this lovely restaurant is your place to get it.

The Waffle Shop is a cultural institution at State College; the waffles are sweet and fluffy, the service is quick and friendly, and they also make some of the best wings and burgers in Central Pennsylvania. The menu changes seasonally and often includes a wide selection of dishes such as chicken wings, burgers, sandwiches, salads and more. They serve hearty breakfasts and lunches and also organise events such as the restaurant's annual "Waffle Day."

Please call us and make your reservation as soon as possible, especially if you attend Penn State's special events on weekends. The menu will change seasonally, so you might want to show up early when everyone else in town is there, too. No matter when you come, you are guaranteed to walk away from this gem at State College. Join them for great food, great service and some of the best waffles in Central Pennsylvania.

If you're looking for a romantic place to meet this special person, State College has it all. Guests at the Nittany Lion Inn will not have to travel far to satisfy their hunger for delicious local cuisine. If you look at the following Happy Valley gems that serve up great food and drink, you'll taste the good food that State College has to offer. Here are the top places to eat when you're hungry on campus, and here are some of the other essential places to eat in Penn State, the state's capital for those of us who love delicious, local food. Sign up for our daily Philly email and be the first to get all the food, drinks and fun in town.

This cosy Japanese restaurant makes lovingly crafted ramen topped with meat, eggs and vegetables, offering a savory taste experience that could never come from a packet of spices. If you have a cheese steak with onions and don't know Philly cheeseburgers, you'll have a hard time - and will be forced to find a better sandwich at State College.

Otto focuses on fresh, regional food and sources most of its products and ingredients from local Pennsylvania businesses listed on its website. You can feel comfortable with every bite and sip of this meal, and it's one of the best you can get at State College.

All establishments selling food to the public, such as restaurants, grocery stores and other establishments, must be licensed and controlled. A full inspection report is available from the Food Safety and Inspection Office of the PA Department of Health.

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