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Although many people call it one of the best places in the country, you don't need a weekend to go to State College, PA. If you're hoping for a fun weekend getaway to the beautiful state of Pennsylvania and exciting nightlife, you'll find it on your weekend getaway at the State University of New York in Buffalo, NY.

If you decide to take your own road trip through Pennsylvania, be prepared for many mountains and corn fields. There are many day trips you can stop off on on your day trip, but you can also enjoy a night at the State University of New York in Buffalo, NY when you come to State College, PA to rent your RV. If you decide to extend your stay, you will be impressed by the sheer variety Central Pennsylvania has to offer.

Penn State is a cute and compact college town, but puppy, it's a party school, and drinking is the most fun thing you can do at State College. If you're looking for a lively nightlife on your trip to Penn State, then head to the Saloon. It's the College of Town, and if you need a peaceful visit, visit the State University of New York in Buffalo, NY.

The dining room at the Nittany Lion Inn is one of only a handful of restaurants in town that will blow you away, and when your stomach takes you on a journey, you stop. Alternatively, you can visit the University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University or the College of Arts and Sciences for a lower price and enjoy great dining options and great views of the campus. It is best to check the distance to the campus, though it may be a little further depending on why you are at State College. This hotel has a personal recommendation, but if your stomach is guiding you through your excursions, stop!

This is the smallest regional airport you can fly to, so be sure to check the exact time when booking your appointment. If you are flying from State College, you should be advised that other airports, including Dulles and Philly, may be delayed or cancelled.

You can catch the train to Altoona, but you can also walk to most locations; however, you will need to take a taxi from Altoon to Penn State. Look no further than Megabus, which offers trips to State College for just $1.00. If you need to behave at State College, Megabus buses are a good alternative to buses, so you can choose the nearest bus stop near you and choose a flexible timetable for travel to and from Penn State. From Paloona, you can take the train and then take the bus to the University of Pennsylvania.

Outdoor lovers can check out Penn State Adventure and Recreation Center for free about upcoming excursions. If you plan to camp or attend State College, check out the list of camps and campsites at the Outdoor Adventure Center, which are available free of charge or at a cost of $5.00.

I-376 serves Pittsburgh International Airport and downtown Pittsburgh, and I-79 serves the Erie and Interstate 80 access roads to Exit 298. If you don't know where you are, a map of the area of the State College will appear in the navigation system. Here is a list of all major highways in Pennsylvania, PA, as well as the state's major cities and towns.

Interstate 80 connects all major Pennsylvania cities and towns, as well as most of the state's major highways, including the state's largest cities such as Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh International Airport and Erie, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania State University is one of the largest public research universities in the United States, and it is loved no matter where it is located in Pennsylvania, the campus is Penn State. From sports games to sports games, music to art galleries, State College has something for everyone. According to, it is the fourth best attraction and the second most visited museum in America, behind the University of California, Berkeley.

State College is the headquarters of Penn State, but you should not visit State College without stopping. If you take the opportunity to visit the Penn State campus, you will love it no matter which state you are in. This shrine has become part of Penn State's tradition and is one of the most popular tourist attractions throughout Pennsylvania.

The city of State College is located in the western part of Pennsylvania, just a few miles from Penn State campus. After a drive of only two and a half hours, head west to the nearby cities of Pittsburgh.

I-80 crosses I-99 and PA-611 begins its southern route along the Delaware River and gradually moves away from I / 80. The western part of Pennsylvania covers the western part, from the Allegheny River to the Pennsylvania State University campus. It does not serve major Pennsylvania cities, but is primarily served by the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State campuses, as well as the State College campus itself.

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